Really Big Bubbles IS based on the north Cornish coast...

... a beautiful part of the world that we want to keep that way, and our products and way of life are determined by a desire for sustainability.

We personally hand-make all our products and our secret recipe bubble mixture is made using non-toxic ingredients, prepared in the fresh Cornish seaside air.

The bubble wands are also handmade, using wood that is certified as being from sustainably managed forests, and the cord is made from natural cotton. High quality, hard wearing. effective; and ethical too!

We do ask that customers avoid getting the mixture in their eyes (if you do, rinse with water), and despite the inviting colour of the liquid, please don’t be tempted to drink it!

There are no harmful ingredients, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And rest assured, we are continually striving to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible, and we’ll keep you updated on any future advancements we make.

Our Really Big Bubble tubs are great receptacles that can all be reused: fill your empty tub with soup, pack your lunch in it, use it as a vase, a plant pot, a pen pot, or even as a rock-pooling bucket - just don’t throw it away!

Really big bubbles re-use tubs
Really big bubbles re-use tubs