How it began

Hello, we're Nigel and Jane. 

As a family we love to entertain and have fun outdoors, and it was Nigel's mum who was the first to make giant bubbles in her back garden. I don't know who loved them the most: Nigel's mum (Nanny), us, or the children! Between us, after 12 months of research, testing and trialing, we devised a recipe that we are all proud of.  Making really big bubbles began as a way to entertain our friends and children, and also for Nigel to engage his pupils during science lessons at school, however following fantastic feedback and people asking for our product, we decided to start up Really Big Bubbles and share them far and wide.

our background

Nigel has a love of the outdoors and a passion for all activities water-based! He spent many years travelling and after settling in Cornwall qualified as a primary school teacher in 2006. He has seen first hand how exciting bubbles are to people of all ages and abilities. 

Jane's also adores the wide open spaces where they live in Cornwall, and takes the children down to the beach almost every day. Jane's background is in writing and marketing but more than anything she loves to host parties, and has found that bubbles always provide the best entertainment!