When you go into the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!

When you truly want to embrace autumn, there’s no better place to go than to the woods or a forest. This season has a special place in my heart as it offers so much for walkers, families and the outdoor enthusiasts, who all just love getting closer to nature in the cooler climate.

My first proper immersion into all things autumnal took place at the weekend with my family while visiting the historic Tehidy Country Park. Within minutes of arriving, the children had discovered chestnuts, a variety of fungi and damp rotting logs that had now become balance beams – the fun had just begun!

Following a long walk, and managing to narrowly avoid being chased by lions, tigers and bears, we found a clear space and removed from my rucksack a litre pot of bubble mixture and a large bubble wand. The weather conditions were perfect. Bubbles are at their best when there is little wind and the air is damp. Every dip into the pot produced huge buoyant results, made even better by the reflections of the trees and the flickers of light through the leaves.  An enjoyable morning of bubble making ensued.

In a nut shell (excuse the pun), autumn fun in the woods was made even better with Really Big Bubbles!