An Alternative to Single Use Plastic Bubble Sets

Many bubble sets are unfortunately single use toys, that have been made far away, can be bought cheaply, and are predominately plastic.

We are proud to produce an alternative to these with our sturdy quality wooden wands which are made to last from sustainable wood and natural cotton, and our re-useable pots for which we offer a re-fill service at a reduced price.

Make a Different Choice to Balloon Releases

Balloon releases are often used to mark an occasion, remember a loved one, or celebrate an event. But there is a high cost to wildlife and the environment with releasing balloons into the sky.

A peer reviewed study revealed that 2,223 pieces of balloon litter were found on 39 beaches across Cornwall between July and December 2016. (Source: Cornwall Live, July 2018)

Bubbles make an excellent alternative. No waste, no litter, simply beautiful colourful orbs floating into the sky, leaving nothing behind them but wonderful memories.  

Images: Really Big Bubbles re-fill; wood from sustainable forests, certified by FSC; plastic debris on the beach (Photo Credit: Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition); Really Big Bubbles bubble release.