My 7 year old nephew has asked me to tell you that the bubbles are AMAZING! I second that; they beat chocolate as an Easter gift any day!
— Alice Povey
Bubbles are a unifier, accessible to all. The children got so much from learning with bubbles.
— Nadia Lampier, Deputy Head and EYFS lead, Perranporth CP School
“These bubbles are fantastic! My 3 and 5 year old boys had so much fun chasing and popping the massive bubbles!

So big! So much fun and at such a good reasonable price :-)

Thank you Really Big Bubbles! This has sorted our birthday gift list for the year, thanks!”
— Donna Poole
We had so much fun with the bubbles today. I loved the mixture - it does produce really big bubbles. I also want to mention how impressed I was with the wand design, so simple that even the little ones got the hang of it.

Thanks Jane and Nigel!
— Kelly Jeffs
The bubbles were fantastic. Loved by all the children and adults - fun for all ages. They bring out the child in all of us!
— Julie, Perranporth pre-school
I had as much fun with the Really Big Bubbles as my little girl did. They look great and make everyone happy.

We love them.
— Isobel Hudson